Augmented Reality
Augmented reality gives experience to people to gain information that is generated by computers.

Scan Module
AR Engine, AR Hybrid and AR Electric includes this feature. Users can scan markers on the engine to learn more of its function without having to disassemble it. After scanning the marker, a description will appear on screen which tells the user the functions of the engine part. This makes learning much more convenient.

Quiz Module
Has three levels of questions for the player to answer. It tests the users understanding of engines and how they work. It provides a good amount of challenge for the users.

Learn Module
Provide notes for users to learn more about engine. Has a diverse amount of topics to learn.

Game Module
Gen-Z learns at different pace and mode compared to others. Our game modules provide an interesting and engaging platform for Gen-Z to learn about Internal Combustion Engine. We have taken classroom learning and turn it into games that enhance learning and most importantly make learning more interesting and fun.

Motion Module
Motion module shows an animation of how system operate and enable users to have clearer understanding of each functionality and mechanism.