Interactive Based Software
IBE is a desktop based educational software where users can learn more about engines interactively.

Interactive software is a feature where the software requires the user’s interaction in order to run. It is an engine assembly simulator where users can interact with it by assembling it or disassembling it without the hassle in real life. It makes learning much more convenient.

Engine Assembly
Simulates an engine assembly so that users can take apart the engine with a press of a button. Lets users see each engine part more detailed. It also provides a description for users about the functions of each part.

Compartment Library
A library that includes all of the parts in the engine. Displays a 360 view of each part as well as a description of how it works.

Shows animation of the engine process. Users can interactively change the speed of the animation, toggle on and off each specific process which includes intak, compression, combustion and exhaust.

Quiz Module
Has three levels of questions for the player to answer. It tests the users understanding of engines and how they work. It provides a good amount of challenge for the users.

Voice Over
Has multiple languages and clear voice recorded for greater understanding