VR Test Lane
Virtual Reality (VR) for Vehicle Test Lane is an interactive and immersive teaching method that employs technology to provide virtual scenarios / steps to simulate how vehicle inspection system is performed. The visual format, contextual cues, voice over and immersive characteristics of VR helps improve the quality and speed of learning.

The sequence of test equipment, from emission tester to axle play detector can be trained with VR in the training room, thus avoiding downtime or disturbance to the real testing on the floor.

VR also allows customer to experience the process of test carried out by inspector and able to educate and create awareness about vehicle inspection.


  • A virtually walk-in-through experience for Vehicle Test Lane consists of inspection procedures, technical features and related experience before actual inspection to be carried out.
  • Safety awareness and instruction before actual inspection.
  • Create inspection awareness to vehicle’s owner.
  • Self-learning of vehicles inspection with less guidance from instructor